Furnace Cleaning in Calgary: How to Tell that You Are Due to Call for a Professional Help

Furnace Cleaning in Calgary: How to Tell that You Are Due to Call for a Professional Help

There could be signs that would tell you that calling a professional furnace cleaning service in Calgary is an action you should do right away in order to maintain the functionality of your furnace at home and avoid potential health problems that a faulty furnace and dirty air ducts could cause everyone in the house. But what are the signs exactly? When to raise the bar and seek expert help?

Furnace cleaning is something you should be undertaking in every two years, particularly when you are living with air pollution sensitive individuals in your home. But you should not wait for the two year waiting period to be over before you engage an expert. Below are indicators that cleaning is needed right away.

From the HVAC system:

When you notice the following irregularities at home, particularly on your HVAC system.
1.    When you observe particles of dust blowing out from the air vents when you turn your HVAC system on.
2.    When you look to see the vents, you notice trapped pet hair or dust.
3.    When the return air registers’ grill is coated with dust.
4.    When you find yourself frequently dedusting your home.

Health issues:

When these health problems are present.
1.    Irritation or skin rashes
2.    Abnormal coughing
3.    Respiratory illnesses that keep coming back
4.    Allergies
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Home Cleaning: Your Air Ducts Also Need Attention

Home Cleaning: Your Air Ducts Also Need Attention

In your house, do you recognize how central the ducts are? In order for you to hang around comfortably inside your residence you must be able to breathe clean air – a concern duct cleaning service providers in Ottawa, Toronto and in other parts of Canada are very much keen to providing a solution. Air ducts move the air from your inner air system to each room. They are generally connected to an AC compressor and also a furnace therefore you can have cold air in the summer and warm air in the winter. The ducts transport the flow of air around your house and they can get dirty over a period of time.  Once they have a build up of dust, soil, excrement for rodents of even insect nests such as cockroaches or ants they don’t transfer air efficiently, which makes the air lose its quality.  When they obtain build up of the unwanted elements your focus in your home should be to clean the ducts and keep them clean for as long as possible. Though, it can be hard to keep the ducts unpolluted, particularly when we are talking about the entire house you need to call in the experts who can accomplish the assignment swiftly and with minimum inconvenience to you and your family..

Quick assessment

Perform a quick assessment of your house first. Start off by scrutinizing your duct outlets and vents in every area and try to ascertain whether there is an accumulation of dust or other unwanted elements in and around them. If in a number of areas you see dirt, dust, or signs of rodents and insects then it is essential that you carry out a full service and clean every part of your HVAC system including the furnace, vents and ducts. Similarly if your central air system is not working like it did previously or does not seem to be blowing out quality air then you should seek assistance from a proper cleaning company. Cleaning the duct vents alone does not eliminate the build up in the interior of the duct itself. Experts have the appropriate knowledge on how to make the duct and its system dirt-free, so you will be breathing air of the highest quality. Read more

Why is it important to control birds?


Every year a large number of dollars are invested to wash up following the chaos produced by urban pest birds. Bug birds, including pigeons, crows, and gulls, like to use building areas roost to property, and develop their nests. Chicken feces can rapidly erode building products and is acidic, and bears some of 60 transmittable diseases. Avoid property damage and to avoid the spread of illness, it’s very important to use a bird control program prior to the chicken issue gets unmanageable.

It’s very important to make sure to understand what kinds of birds are difficult, the things they are doing, and just how many you can find while planning for a bird control remedy. There are lots of bird control items available on the market, however the best for roosting landing, and nesting birds are the ones that actually maintain the birds away.

For smooth areas for example top peaks parapet walls, and building indicators, it’s recommended to make use of items for example electronic bird songs or bird spikes. For large areas where chickens are gathering, including big box retailers, and under canopies, aircraft hangars, it’s better to use chicken netting to maintain out the pest birds.

Bird spikes are the most economical way to keep large birds from being able to land and roosting. They are ideal for areas where pest birds, such as pigeons and gulls, are a problem. Once the spikes are installed, birds are unable to land on the unstable surface created by the spikes, so they move on.

Electric tracks stop the birds from getting onto your property and becoming a nuisance as they are unable to land or nest. The reason for this is that are given an electric shock which is mild but strong enough to deter them without causing harm.

Because the building next door might be your next bird control job, always remember to look up for the congregation of birds and look down for the mess they leave behind.

Bird nests in and around the house can cause some real problems around the place you live. There can be nesting birds that can carry all types of diseases some that can be passed on to humans. While living in the nests the birds become a host to parasites. These parasites can include all kinds of bugs including mites, ticks and fleas.

Bird nests can contain up to forty parasites either on the birds or in the nest itself which occurs when it is abandoned or not properly disposed of. This is why nests with no birds left in it can cause problems to the area near it including homes and apartments. These parasites like mites and ticks can cause the spread of many diseases including the plague or meningitis.

A certified bird control company is the best choice to make sure these parasites don’t end up in your house or worse yet on you. If a nest is abandoned by the birds then a large number of the parasites are left behind in the nest. The parasitic insects find their way into your house and can live on bedding clothes and you. These parasites like ticks get inside by way of vents, gables or even through window air conditioners.

A lot of the bugs are microscopic parasites cannot be seen by the naked eye. A weather screen will not keep these parasites from finding a way into your house. This why you should have these nests removed by a pest control technician to prevent anything like this from happening.

The need to remove the birds from the nuisance site is one thing but having the nest and area exterminated is what needs to be done to keep these parasites from entering the home.

These bird and nest parasites carry all kinds of viruses and bacteria and some of these can be passed on to humans. The number of diseases can be in the hundreds when passed on to humans. This is why the bird nesting sites need to be cleaned up when the birds are gone. A pest control technician can make sure all these types of bacteria and viruses are not spread to humans or inside the house. They have to make sure they wear the proper equipment when handling these infected areas which include the nest, house and other possible places of transmission.

An empty bird’s nest has to be properly disposed of and the area decontaminated. The nest area when left behind by the birds will contain the parasites of mites, lice, ticks and fleas. Mites are small microscopic animals that are a concern to humans who can be the victim when the birds abandon the nest. They will look for other hosts and humans can become the new site for these parasites.

Another type of parasite found in and around these nests include scavenger insects like carpet beetles. They will invade the empty nest and feed on parts of the nest like feathers. If these carpet beetles make it into the house they will feed on food and fabrics.

We have all read stories of home dwellers being invaded by swarms of insects that made their way in and it can become like something in a horror show. The inhabitants had itchy red spots all over them and thought they had exterminated them only for a greater number of them to return crawling through the bathroom vent. A pest control expert would have the knowledge to get rid of them for good keeping family including children safe.

More than likely this family encountered these parasitic mites which they described as little crabs crawling into the house. Parasitic mites can migrate out of the nest and onto workers when working near these bird nests. The microscopic insects can just barely be seen by the naked eye.

There are four different types of parasitic mites that can affect humans and includes rodent, fowl, chicken and human scabies but usually fowl and chicken mites are the only ones that affect birds and their nest.

Bird mites are the biggest problem when it comes to being eradicated from your home. This is where a professional pest control technician can really help to make sure to get all of them and keep these big populations from entering your house and looking for some fresh blood to suck.

These parasites never give up and even though they can’t survive on people they will suck blood from you while sleeping. Your pets can also be host to hundreds of them so you want to give them their flea and tick medicine.

When handling these bird nests make sure to wear protective gloves and clothes so you won’t be exposed to these thirsty blood suckers. Keeping these bird nests away from your building is a good way to prevent all these parasites that live in them from invading you and your house.

The best way to get rid of these nests is to have a pest control professional or bird control company perform the service and make sure to eradicate all the parasites that could be left over.

Removing the nests near your house is one way to get rid of mites but you may need to spray a miticide to fully get rid of them. Cutting limbs that hang near your window is another preventative way to keep these ticks from entering into your house. The knowledge and techniques of a pest control technician is one of the only ways to make sure you get all these bloodsuckers.
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